Making novel connections is what creativity is about. Not just connecting A to B, but Q to L, and M to Z.


Good web work is like opera: a union of artistic and technical forms, combining to create experience.


My philosophy of design is to make things better by making things simpler. Here are some examples:

Curriculum Vitae

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Dylan Baskind


I currently work freelance through my own company: Blue Ribbon Design.

Freelancing has enabled me to stretch my "connectionist" wings at a high level. Daily I employ my full skill set as a conceptual thinker, strategist, information architect, designer and developer.

Not only have I grown as a practicioner in each of these areas, but I've seen how the cooperation and cross-polination of these fields can merge to create quality work.

I understand the web because I love it. I'm a passionate follower of its trends and movements, not only from a design & development standpoint, but also from a structural and informational one.

  • Visual

    I am both a skilled interaction designer & code developer. That means I can produce content that is a pleasure to use and looks great.

    My philosophy as both a designer and a developer is simplicity, efficiency and semantics.

  • Developer

    I've been building web applications for seven years.

    • Front end:

      HTML & CSS

    • Client-side functionality:

      Javascript & Jquery

    • Server-side logic with:

      PHP & MySQL

  • Designer

    I love to solve problems, and design is solving problems.

    • Web and Print:


    • Logo and Branding:


    • Illustration:

      Paint / Pencil

  • Creative

    Built on a strategic foundation of information architecture and user experience, I produce creative and engaging content that effectively communicates brand strategy.

    Interactive, written, visual, aural or conceptual.

  • Creative

    Thinking in leaps & bounds? I can do that.

    • Sparks:


    • Language:


    • Visual:

      Art Direction

  • Strategist

    Structure underpins effective communication.

    • Information Architecture:


    • User Experience:

      Use Cases & Metrics

    • Content Strategy:


  • Experience

    1. 2011 - 2012


      Designer, Developer, Strategist

      Working freelance I oversee the entire life-cycle of client projects: meetings, concept, information architecture, content strategy, user experience, design and development.

    2. 2010 - 2011

      The Furnace

      Front End Developer

      At The Furnace I worked on large-scale projects and was exposed to the corporate scale design and development business.

    3. 2008 - 2009


      Back End & Front End Developer

      Working for Universal Favourite was an education in best practices for design and development. I learned how to visually communicate a brand message with optimal clarity, engagement and aesthetic appeal, while being schooled in how to optimise the semantic structure of HTML & improve search engine rankings.

    4. 2008 - 2009

      Cyrius Media

      Back End & Front End Developer

      Cyrius Media inducted me into professional level web design and development. I polished my HTML/CSS knowledge and got to extend and deepen my PHP experience. I also learned how to manage customer expectations, deliver to deadlines and collaborate in a team.

  • Education

    1. 2007 - 2010
      Bachelor Media & Communications, University of Sydney.
    2. 2006 - 2007
      Bachelor Information Technology (Advanced), University of Sydney.


    12 December 1986
    Other Skills
    Proficient with audio editing software: Sonar and Pro-Tools.
    Highly skilled mixer and recording engineer.
    Other Certification
    Cert. III Personal Training


Song writer | Engineer | Producer

I write & record with Winter People. We've toured the country and received high rotation on national radio like Triple JJJ.

This year we recorded an album with Tim Whitten (Augie March, The Panics) and mixed by Peter Katis (The National, Interpol, Sigur Ros).



Attention to aesthetics and detail.

I sketch and paint in oils. I created The Looking Glass as the online repository for these visual arts.


Avid participant of blogosphere.

I'm an avid particpant in the online world and I've been blogging for almost 10 years. My online home for web logging is called Riversend, where I document my creative journey.

Writer (Aspiring Novelist)

I consider language to be my strongest skill and I'm currently editing my third novel. As someone who strives for perfection in all his work, I've found writing novels the greatest challenge of all.

Fulltime Person

When not designing, developing, creating, strategising, blogging, playing, singing, composing, painting or sketching I'm also just a friendly ordinary person who loves the ocean, socialising, staying fit, the odd night on the town, and films of every stripe.


OK, lets talk.

Dylan Baskind